Pitching Your Music to Spotify Playlist Curators


Getting your song placed onto a big Spotify playlist can get you, if not millions, hundreds of streams. Many playlists have grown into a booming business just off by a simple start of a curator building their personal favorites.

It's important to always approach playlist music curators in a professional approach. There are some steps you need to take to increase your chances of being noticed by Spotify playlist curators. Many playlists you discover, curators are always open for pitches. Always respect the curator’s wishes when it comes to making that initial contact. Many playlist owners will note their point of contact within the playlist description, or will even create dedicated submission forms to accept playlist submissions, which makes the process convenient for both the artist and the curator.

Stand Out Like A Professional Artist

• Become a verified Spotify Artist (Click Here to learn more on how to get verified.)
• Create social media pages for your artist name (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
• Avoid using inappropriate language in your bio, and make sure your writing is grammatically correct. (Grammarly is a free website that will check your work for free! https://www.grammarly.com)

Contacting Playlist Curators

If a music curator doesn't have a point of contact, or a form to submit songs available to, searching either the playlist's name or curator's name into your search engine can help you find the information you need. Note, you won't always be able to find the playlists owner's information in a search.

Here are some tips on common contact methods:

Facebook: Users today have the option to message via Facebook Messenger, even if you’re not friends with them on Facebook. Be aware, most curators won't respond to unsolicited requests through their private accounts. It is best to try searching for a Facebook page first for point of contact, as some playlist owners will happen to be artists, and or branding companies themselves.

Twitter: Twitter account users can change their settings to receive direct messages, even from people they don’t follow. If you can’t privately message someone through Twitter, you can try sending them a public @ tweet for an alternative.

Instagram: Instagram has an option to where you can send a direct message through the Instagram mobile app.

Website: Some playlists will already be a branded name and have websites and/or forms built for submissions.

Pitching To A Playlist Curator

Keep It Short: The majority of labels and playlist curators don't want to feel like they're are reading an encyclopedia reading about you. Keeping a short introduction, “Hi, my name is... I’m a singer-songwriter from ....” is sometimes all you need. Keeping your message between 50-75 words fits best.

Talk Clear: Be clear about what you want, and mention which playlist you’re pitching too. Remember, many playlist curators own several playlists, so saying things like “Please consider me for your playlist.” without any detail of information to what you're applying for comes off as an unprofessional approach.

Be Yourself: Take the time to personalize your message to the person you’re contacting. Generic pitches like “Check out my new track!" can sometimes come across as being lazy. Tell them why you feel your track would be a great fit for their playlist. Write as naturally as you can while still being understood. Don’t pretend to be a manager; just be you. Remember that playlist curators are real people, just like you. As music fans, they already appreciate the work that artists do, so just be honest about who you are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Overall, when sending your message, once you’ve shown yourself to be interested in and knowledgeable about the kind of music the playlist features, write to the curator and politely, and briefly include a Spotify link to ONE track only. Most curators don't click through and listen to more than one track. If they like the track you send to them, they can easily check out the rest of your catalog on Spotify.

Searching For Spotify Playlists

Google: A genre playlist, and the contact info for a music curator, can sometimes be found with a simple Google search.

Do your own research: Browse around and jump from playlist to playlist. Takes notes on the ones that spark your interest. Note on what kinds of artists and songs those playlists include, and which one of your songs do you think would fit best on their playlist.

Follow the playlists you want to pitch to, and please do not spam them. No matter the genre, the same pitching principles should always apply. Always make sure what each music curator want's as many curators will imply different rules for their submission requirements.

In some cases, if a playlist curator really loves your music, but feels that your submission choice doesn't fit best, they will often add another track from your artist profile. 

Other great websites to find and submit to playlists:

Daily Playlists: https://dailyplaylists.com/

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