The Best Guitars for Classic Rock


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Being combined with many types of music like Jazz, Blues, and country of the African-American genres; rock n’ roll was finally born. Starting rock in the late 1940s, a saxophone or the piano was taken as the lead instrument. Finally later on in the early 1950’s the saxophone and piano where supplemented or replaced by the guitar. The upbeat music grew to create bands including the instruments’ of an electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, and the drums. Growing too many fans of rock, the rock n’ roll grew to be so huge in its industry, screaming girls cried over new hit artists such as Tommy Steele, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. As Classic Rock is famously known today, it created an alternative rock, classic country, type of style to the music world. 

Having guitars traditionally constructed out of wood, and being strung by the steel strings; this famous string instrument grew to be popular at its acoustic family. As famous rock bands came rolling out, the electric guitar is used to amplify its shape of a tone where it continually grows to become an influence on many cultures. 

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

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Gibson is an American manufacturer that builds a wide verity of instruments, and guitars. Being founded in the year of 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Gibson made its way to have their headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. While Gibson has invented many styles of guitars, their famously known "Les Paul" rapidly grows every year and has known to become one of their best sellers. 

 This Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar features a soil mahogany body with a nitrocellulose finish, 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with a traditional trapezoid inlay, vintage-style tuners, and 57' classic humbucking pickups located in the neck and bridge.

Gibson has widened some of their SG Standard Electric Guitars, which gives it more of a comfortable feeling. This guitar does indeed have a great sound to it and comes with the options of selecting different tones with its new mini-e tune located on the back on the head attached to the neck. This is one guitar I had definitely fallen in love with and I would rate it the best out of the five guitars I have chosen to do a review on. Having a limited lifetime warranty, this guitar comes in the colors of heritage cherry, ebony, classic white and natural burst. 

Gibson Les Paul ‘60s tribute

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Gibson is famously known to sell their guitars under brand names, such as the worlds iconic Les Paul. In the year of 1952, Gibson created the first solid-body electric guitar that was designed by a man named Ted McCarty, and Les Paul himself. This guitar continually grows over the years becoming the most popular and best sellers. 

 Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute Electric Guitar features a mahogany neck and body, solid carved maple top, rosewood fingerboard, humbucking pickups located in the neck and bridge, and mini e-tune automated tuners. This guitar comes in the colors of vintage sunburst, gold top/dark back, wine red, and ebony.

I find that most Gibson guitars do indeed have such a great sound to it, however, it is a little of an investment. This guitar has a great clear sound to it, giving you a lot of great clarity. This Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar has a great sound to it, featuring its new mini e-tune located on the head of the guitar; it helps with the tuning of the guitar giving you different switch options. This guitar does include its own black gig bag and comes with a limited lifetime warranty when purchased through Gibson's website. 

Dean Custom 380 Floyd Electric Guitar

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Dean is an American manufacturer that was founded by a man named Dean Zelinsky in Chicago, Illinois in the year of 1977. They had later on created some of the best electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, banjos, basses, pickups, ukuleles, and mandolins. 

Dean Custom 380 Floyd electric guitar features a basswood body, maple neck, black nickel hardware, 24 frets, and a gloss finish.

This guitar absolutely has one beautiful sound to it and is definitely worth to buy. I loved how it gives you more frets, giving you more of an option to create more sounds out of it. Dean has been making new pickups which are now being a feature of their newly made guitars. This electric guitar does come in three choices of colors; trans amberburst, trans black, and my favorite trans blue. When purchasing this product through the manufactures website, you did need to however fill a registration form out for warranty on this product.

Fender American Special Stratocaster® HSS

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Fender is famously known to make stringed instruments and amplifiers. Being American manufacture, it was founded in the year 1946 in Fullerton, California. Fender grew into making guitars, and basses that were being used in many music genres This series line of Stratocaster guitars was first to be made alongside with telecaster, also can be known as esquire. Fender guitars are known to be famously used known by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, John Mayer, Paul McCartney, and many others.

Fender American Special Stratocaster features a 9.5 maple fingerboard, 22 jumbo frets, Atomic humbucking bridge pickups, single-coil neck and middle Stratocaster pickups, and a five-way pickup switch.

This Fender American Special Stratocaster has a different feel to it being made with its maple wood neck and body; it comes with 22 frets and a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge. This guitar comes in the colors of 3 color sunburst, black, and candy apple red. When buying through the Fender website, this guitar does come with a limited lifetime warranty including some accessories such as a deluxe gig bag, and a polishing cloth.

Epiphone Wilshire

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Epiphone was founded in the year of 1873. Being based out of the music city of Nashville, Tennessee, Epiphone has grown to become its main product of Gibson's guitars. Epiphone has grown to make their instruments into banjos, upright basses, and the famously known electric guitar. 

This Epiphone Wilshire Phant-O-Matic Electric Guitar features a mahogany neck and body, a 1960's SlimTaper neck shape, adjustable truss rod, and a rosewood fingerboard. Being weighed at 6.6 Ibs, this guitar has a 12" fingerboard radios, 22" medium jumbo frets, Alnico Classic neck and bridge pickup, master volume control, 6 positions rotary Varitone, and a three-way pickup killswitch.

Epiphone Wilshire Phant-O-Matic Electric Guitar comes with nickel hardware, many switching options, and a great shaped neck with a rosewood fingerboard. This product, however, comes with a limited lifetime warranty that you would need to apply for. This lightweight guitar also features in the colors of Antique Ivory, and Emerald Green.