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GarageBand is a completely prepared music creation studio directly inside your computer with a total sound library that incorporates instruments, and of other options. Now with Touch Bar highlights for MacBook Pro, you can easily play, and record your songs. You can use the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro to set a range of instruments by using the performance view to turn the Touch Bar such as into a one-octave keyboard for playing and recording.

Rock Out With Drummers of Each Style

Drummer is the virtual meeting player that highlights 28 beat making drummers and three percussionists. Drummer ranges music genres from Rock, Alternative, EDM, Dubstep, Latin, Blues and Hip Hop. Every drummer has a mark pack that allows you to create an assortment of depression and fill blends. 

Utilize the instinctive controls to empower and impair singular sounds while you make a beat with a kick, snare, and cymbals in all the way you need. In the event that you need a little motivation, Drummer Loops gives you an assorted assortment of prerecorded acoustic and electronic circles that can be effortlessly tweaked and added to your melody.

Image: GarageBand

Incredible Synths With Controls

Get inventive with 100 propelled synth sounds. Each synth highlights the Transform Pad Smart Control so you can transform and change sounds however you would prefer. You can make up to 255 sound tracks. Effectively name and record your melody segments to locate the best structure. At that point clean it off with all the basics including reverb, visual EQ, volume levels, and sound system panning.

Capture your changes in real time by adjusting any of your software instruments’ Smart Controls while recording a performance. You can also fine‑tune your music later in the Piano Roll Editor. If you played your music out of time, you can use an option called Flex Time to drag it into place.

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Jam Out to The Best Sound

After you plug in your guitar, choose from a variety of amps, cabinets, and stompboxes to create the sound you want in your performance. If you're a bass player, you can customize your tone just the way you want it. You get the option on both guitar and bass to mix and match vintage or modern amps with speaker cabinets. What's even more neat is the personalization where you can choose and position different microphone to perfect your sound.

There's a huge load of supportive chronicle and altering highlights make GarageBand as incredible as it is anything but difficult to utilize. Alter your exhibitions directly down to the note and decibel. Fix musicality issues with a tick. Artfulness your sound with sound impact modules. Furthermore, finish your track like an expert, with impacts, for example, with a touch of visual EQ and reverb.

Share Your Song

Using iCloud makes it simple to deal with a GarageBand where you can add tracks to your GarageBand for Mac utilizing your iPhone or iPad when you're out and about. Or on the other hand when motivation strikes, you can begin portraying another melody thought on your iOS device. 

Image: GarageBand


• Processor 600MHz G3 or more

• Mac OS X 10.3.4 or later

• 256 megabytes of memory

• QuickTime 6.5.2 or later

• 1024-x-768 screen pixel resolution

• 2 gigabytes of hard drive space



GarageBand is free to iOS users. To download GarageBand on your Mac, go to