How To Get A Verified Artist Profile On Spotify


Image: Spotify

Are you an artist who has ever wondered, “How can I get a blue check next to my artist name?” Becoming a verified artist on Spotify gives you addition features and the option to control your artist profile.

Getting Started

Before you can claim your profile, your music has to already be released on Spotify for streaming. There are no qualifications or requirements that you need in order to claim your profile; however, you can only claim one profile at a time. If your music isn’t listed on Spotify yet, learn more on how to get your music across major streaming services.

Submitting For Verification

Both managers and artists can submit the artist to claim their verified profile. First, access the site This is also where you will login to your account to view your stats once your artist page is verified.

Image: Spotify

Next, click “Claim Your Profile.”

After selecting “Claim Your Profile”, you will then be directed to the next page where you will search for your artist name. Select if you’re the artist, or the manager of the artist. Note, you must already have a normal Spotify account to submit.

Image: Spotify

After you submit the request to become verified, you’re all set. You will receive an email when your account has been created. It can take up to two weeks for Spotify to fully create your artist profile.

Benefits To Being A Verified Artist

Becoming a verified Spotify Artist, you will be able to:

• Update You Profile Image

• Edit Your Artist Bio

• View Streaming Statistics

• Post Your Tour Dates

• Submit Your Songs For Spotify Playlists

Congratulations on your success, and welcome to the Spotify Artist family!