Korg Krome 88-Key Music Workstation Review


Image: Korg

The Korg Krome Music Workstation is flexible with many loaded sound samples, given its performance functions that came from the idea from the Kronos series. This workstation is impressive for the selection of instruments’ you can choose from, and the fact that it’s all coming from a synthesizer, it makes the sound produced even more crisp. The Korg Krome keyboard has a lot of features that goes along to its impressive and positive attributes.


Krome’s Music Workstation features a TocuhView interface that gives you the option to editing using the on-screen knobs and sliders. Within the interface, you are able to access the piano roll editor, velocity, EQ, controls, effects, drum beats, change instrument banks, and tone adjustment.

This music workstation is a natural weighted hammer action keyboard, meaning it gives you the feeling of playing dynamics and mimicking an actual touch of a grand piano with weighted keys.

Image: Korg


There are over 600+ presets that was inherited from the Kronos series into Korgs Krome Music Workstation. Drum patterns come included, and can be created by using the sequencer. You have the option to change the rhythm style, which is an overall a great guide the be creative during a performance.

There are both a sequencer mode, and combination mode, along with two arpeggiators that can run simultaneously. These arpeggiators come in standard patterns for bass, guitar riffs, and even drummers too.

Image: Korg


• Effects: 193 different types – Up to 32 effect presets per effect.
• Sequencer: 16 Track Midi and one Master Track.
• Voices of Polyphony: 120 voices, 120 oscillators, single mode of 60 voices.
• Oscillators Per Voice: 2
• Playback: No audio file playback.
• USB: port for MIDI (IN/OUT) and system updates.
• Audio Option: Headphone ¼”, and two Line L/Monor, R ¼”
• Controllers: Damper Pedal, Joystick
• Dimensions: 57.01 x 15.08 x 5.16


This workstation comes with a free Krome plug-in editor where you can edit your workstation from your computer. You have the ability to view parameters, and use Krome in your DAW.

To download the editor program, click here to access the site. Next, make sure the product name “Krome” is selected. Under the tab of “Software” is where you will locate the download files for both PC and Mac. 


Purchasing Options

Check out Krog Krome's Music Workstation website for more product and purchasing information!