Native Instruments Komplete Review

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"For 17 years, Komplete has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre. Komplete 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes; Select, Komplete 13, Ultimate, and Collector’s Edition.

The latest generation sees some of Native Instrument’s biggest new releases join the lineup, including Guitar Rig 6 Pro, Cremona Quartet (including Stradivari Violin), Arkhis, Pharlight, Straylight, Mysteria, Super 8, Session Guitarist, and Noire.

There are four new additions to the Kontakt Play Series – butch vig drums, lo-fi glow, modular icons, and cloud supply. The latest version also includes the crush pack which puts a modern spin on distortion effects, as well as last year’s much loved raum reverb.

Each bundle provides up to 90% off the price of the individual products, and as always, existing Komplete users also have the option to save when they upgrade or update from their current version.", Native Instruments said in a release statement.

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Production Suite

Komplete 13's manufacturer stages can be utilized to make pretty much any instrument you can envision. Kontakt 6 forces progressed examining and instruments from Native and many driving producers. Reaktor 6 deals with the blend side of things with an adaptable particular climate for building synths, impacts, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In the event that you would prefer not to make a plunge too profound, the two stages incorporate complete libraries brimming with examined instruments and synthesizers for making music straight away.

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With a selection of 14 synths, Komplete 13 incorporates an assortment of synths equipped for creating practically any stable you can consider. Find vintage polysynth warmth with Super 8, the vivacious sound of FM8, new natural example based surfaces with Form, or investigate unfamiliar sonic prospects with leader wavetable synth Massive X.

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Instrument Samples

Find a library overflowing with 30 sampled instruments that traverses mainlands, melodic customs, and types. From the bespoke piano interpretations of Noire and Una Corda; to the contemporary Session Guitarist; valid hints of Cuba, Middle East, and West Africa; or the gigantically fun Play Series.

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Drums & Percussion

Dive into acoustic packs with studio clean and find the vintage cadence of Abbey Road 60s drummer. There's additionally Polyplex for unlimited change capacity and layering, TRK-01 for busy time techno low-end sequencing, and super sampler Battery 4 for sequencing everything from cutting edge electronic percussion to nuanced, human drum parts.

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Komplete 13's has a 16 effects that incorporates all you require for completing the process of, chiseling, and changing sound. The new Guitar Rig 6 Pro brings new amp demonstrating, new impacts, and new directing prospects to substantially more than just guitar sounds. Squash Pack puts a contemporary twist on contortion works of art, and Raum lifts reverb to an artistic expression all by itself.

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Extensions are type explicit sound packs loaded with tests, circles, one-shots, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, and Komplete 13 packs in 24 of them, so you'll generally have the correct sounds when you need them. Monstrous X extensions contain 150 presets each for our lead synth, planned by expert fashioners who have dug its unpredictable design for unseen sound gold.

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Install & Updates

Komplete 13's instruments, impacts, and extra substance goes ahead a HDD. Pick a download adaptation, and your product opens up immediately by means of the Native Access center point for simple item establishment, enlistment, and updates. 

Komplete 13 packs a ton of sounds, which is extraordinary for music making, yet a ton to look through. Komplete Kontrol is a helpful module for perusing instruments and impacts. Each preset has a sound see, so you can try out every one preceding stacking it up.

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 • macOS 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update)

 • Windows 10 (64-bit, latest Service Pack)

• Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD CPU, 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
10 GB free disk space (290 GB for complete installation)

• Graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher.

• An internet connection is required to install and activate the products in this collection. Once installed, all products can be used offline. Certain products may require additional free downloads.

• MASSIVE X requires an AVX compatible CPU.

Supported Interfaces

• Supports ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI

• Runs in 64-bit VST, AU, AAX hosts

Product Includes

• Installation files, $25.00 e-voucher (valid for 6 months after KOMPLETE 13 activation). Read e-voucher terms and conditions.

• Boxed version includes HDD drive, USB cable and USB-C adapter.

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Additional Information

Complete download size 200 GB. You don't need to download all items without a moment's delay: Native Access permits you to download and introduce individual Komplete items any time you need. 

Required hard circle space relies upon the number of items/libraries you need to introduce. To introduce all items and libraries, 290 GB free circle space is required. 

The establishment interaction may incidentally need up to 45 GB of extra free circle space on your framework drive – regardless of whether you're introducing Komplete on an outside hard drive. This number altogether diminishes for more modest items, or if items are being introduced individually. 

All items included inside a solitary version of a Komplete 13 pack are essential for one client permit and must be utilized as a solitary substance. A limit of three establishments on three machines are permitted as long as just a single establishment is utilized at some random time. The individual items can't be exchanged independently.



Pricing varies on which version you select. To purchase Native Instruments Komplete 13, go to

• Komplete 13 Select ($199 USD)

• Komplete 13 ($599 USD)

• Komplete 13 Ultimate ($1,199 USD)

• Komplete 13 Ultimate Collector’s Edition ($1,599 USD)