Spotify Ends Direct Music Uploads


Image: Spotify

Spotify rolled out a beta test program in late 2018, giving indie artists the chance to upload their music directly to Spotify at no cost. Spotify making this move was going to be a huge change to the music industry for Spotify distributors; however, Spotify is now shutting down the their direct uploads beta test after ruling out their attention should be elsewhere.

Signing up for the beta test program, indie artists would've had the access to deliver music straight to Spotify and release their song within the next day, bypassing of having to use a distributor at all. Even after your song was released, you would be able to have control of the metadata and quick edits. Instead of receiving your payouts through your distributors, indie artists would have been receiving their music royalties be deposited directly to their bank accounts on a monthly basis.

As Spotify usually take 2-3 months to deliver payouts to artists distributors, having the option to receive a paycheck once a month would've been a neat perk; however, with Spotify opening their doors to their world, this drew concern to many indie artists. Spotify has nearly over 40 million tracks available for streaming on their service, and though it's already a competitive industry, many artists were concern if Spotify would've had to face the option of cutting back their royalty pay if the service were to become overloaded.

In a blog post, Spotify announced, 

"The most impactful way we can improve the experience of delivering music to Spotify for as many artists and labels as possible is to lean into the great work our distribution partners are already doing to serve the artist community. Over the past year, we’ve vastly improved our work with distribution partners to ensure metadata quality, protect artists from infringement, provide their users with instant access to Spotify for Artists, and more.

The best way for us to serve artists and labels is to focus our resources on developing tools in areas where Spotify can uniquely benefit them — like Spotify for Artists (which more than 300,000 creators use to gain new insight into their audience) and our playlist submission tool (which more than 36,000 artists have used to get playlisted for the very first time since it launched a year ago). We have a lot more planned here in the coming months."

Any artist that had uploaded their music through Spotify's beta test are now going to have to move their releases to a distributor to keep their music on Spotify, otherwise it will be taken down. Spotify will be sending out discounts from their preferred distributors (DistroKid and CD Baby) to the artists by email with further details. It is important that artists are to save their IRSC codes from their songs given to each track when you delivered your releases to Spotify through to your new distributor. Artists will be receiving their royalty payouts from any of their content that was released and available during the beta. Those who have done so, it will be important to have your bank account information up to date to receive your final payment.