Best Music Distribution Services


Image: Kaboompics

With the music industry changing to many approaches throughout the years and adapting to technology, it's gotten way easier for names to get noticed. Record labels where the main choice an artist had to join if they wanted their music sold and distributed for a part in sales and royalties.

Today, it's gotten way much simpler for independent artists to get their music out on top music streaming sites and stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Google Play without the need in having to join a record label. 

All music distributors will get your music out there, but each one is independently different. Not all distributors distribute your music to all of the same stores, and all will also come as a cost. 

Image: Distrokid

Distrokid is one of the first non-significant merchants to hit an arrangement with the tremendously mainstream video-sharing stage TikTok. This offers all Distrokid craftsmen the chance to turn into a web sensation and have their music utilized in fan created recordings around the world. This makes them an extraordinary merchant for those needing to stay aware of patterns and remain on the beat of mainstream society. 

They additionally make it simple to obtain mechanical licenses for those needing to industrially discharge spread tunes. Clients likewise can naturally part income among boundless colleagues. Regardless of whether you're parting with makers, highlighted specialists or speculators. 

You get paid monthly, and you get to keep 100% of what you make. Distrokid will distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and a lot of other streaming and store services. 

Pricing: Distrokid costs $19.99, which allows you to upload unlimited albums and songs for a year.

Image: CD Baby

CD Baby is another bid music distributor that a lot of artists talk about in the music industry for indie artists. They offer services in CD and vinyl distribution, as well as publishing administration. CD Baby also made a partnership with Music Gateway to offer users sync for TV and film placement. 

CD Baby will distribute your music up to over 150+ streaming and download services that includes Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, and Deezer. You keep 100% full rights, but however the downside is that they will take a 15% of your commission, and CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration pays songwriters 85% of any publishing royalties collected on their behalf.

Pricing: CD Baby offers two pricing plans for their music distribution services. 

For a standard distribution, a single release costs $9,99, and an album costs $29. 

With their Pro Plus Publishing that gives you total monetization, single releases cost $29.95, and an album release costs $69.

Image: Tunecore

Tunecore is another popular music aggregator, and offers more than just distribution. Tunecore has the option to select their music publishing service. Their music publishing administration works with songwriter compositions in making sure users get new licensing opportunities to pitch to such as placements in film and TV. 

Tunecore does charge extra fees for their music publishing services. There is a one time setup fee for $75 that grants you the option to submit as many compositions as you like. Tunecore will collect a 15% commission, where you get to keep 85% of the royalties collected. 80% of commission is collected by them for sync, and you get to keep 80% of the revenue.

If you are just however looking to have your music distributed, TuneCore allows artists to keep 100% of the profits they earn from sales, downloads, and streaming revenues. 

Pricing: Tunecore charges $9.99 for a single release per year. An album release will cost you $29.99 for the first year, and than $49.99 each for the following year.

Image: AWAL

AWAL offers a range of services to their artists, and serves as not just only a distributor but also a record label. They provide music distribution, royalty collection, marketing, playlist campaigns, sync licensing, funding, PR, and A&R services. 

AWAL distributes to every major DSP and digital store around the world wide. Joining AWAL is based on acceptance, and they'll only work with a few of selective clients. There is still the option for artists to submit their music for submission in joining AWAL. When it comes to royalties, they take a 5% cut in sales revenue, and artists get to keep 85%.

Image: LANDR

LANDR's platform is easy to get around and provides great analysis. LANDR's distribution services offers to release your tracks on all the biggest streaming stores such as  Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, SHAZAM, and beatport. 

When releasing a track, LANDR will also ask you if you want to distribute your music to YouTube, and have it monetized, if eligible. LANDR is also an online mastering service company that is very known for, and now offers a service where you can rent-to-own selected plugins. LANDR also offers an additional service to creating promolinks that are included free with every LANDR distribution account.

You keep 100% of your rights to your music, but LANDR will collect a commission depending on what pricing plan you select. 

Pricing: LANDR offers three different distribution plans that you can choose from. 

Lite has no monthly or annual fees, but does however cost $9 for a single release, $29 for an EP/Album release, and LANDR takes a 15% in commission. 

Complete costs a $20 annual fee, and charges $5 for a single release, $19 for an EP/Album release, and LANDR will take 9% of commission.

Unlimited is listed at $89 a year, and doesn't charge any extra fees for single and album released, all free and unlimited song submissions at no additional cost. The best perk to the unlimited plan is that LANDR takes 0% of commission, leaving you with 100% of paid royalties that are owed to you.

Image: Spinnup

Spinnup is aimed at indie artists the chance to be discovered by record labels and A&R's. This music company was created by Universal Music Group. UMG has signed up to over 80 Spinnup artists. Spinnup is a great distributor to join if you want to get your music seen.

Spinnup distributes music to the top music streaming stores and sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music. You get 100% of your royalties and rights, and Spinnup takes no commission. Spinnup is also known famously as a music curator, where they will feature you newest releases across their music playlists.

Pricing: Joining Spinnup is free at no cost. Single releases with 1-2 tracks cost $9.99 a year, EP with 3-6 tracks cost $19.99 a year, and albums with 7-25 tracks cost $39.99 a year. 

Image: Amuse

Amuse is a small distributor that has been making its name to the highlights. To release your music, Amuse will require you to download their Amuse Music Distribution app that can be found both on Android and iOS stores through Google Play, and Apple's App Store to have your music submitted for distribution.

Amuse offers a neat feature to where you can split your royalties to your collaborators, writers, and performers.  Amuse is also known as a small indie artist record label that helps you build as an artist. They offer artist PR, digital marketing, artist branding, playlist pitching, and even possible radio plays. Amuse is also a music curator themselves and will often feature your newest releases across their multiple genre playlists.

You keep 100% of your royalties and rights. Amuse doesn't take a cut in commission. Your music will be published to top stores and streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Napster, SHAZAM, and YouTube Music.

Pricing: Releasing your music for distribution on Amuse is free. The only downside to choose Amuse free plan is that your music gets released within 4 weeks. Amuse also offers a PRO plan that's listed at $5/mo. The pro plan offers additional perks such as getting your music onto TikTok and Instagram. Your music is released within 14 days, and you get access to the automatic royalty split feature.