Email Marketing For Artists: How To Build An Email List


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Email Marketing is known as one of the best ways for an artist, or musician, to grab attention from their listeners. Keeping your fans up to date with progress along the way keeps your audeince engaged and interested in any upcoming works. Building an email list at first can sometimes be a challenge. That is why today, we are listing you some basics on how you can get started.

How To Set Up A Mailing List

Social Media: Posting on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and letting fans know you know have a subscription form where your audience can sign up for album releases and updates.

Personal Website: Create a website where you can add an subscription weidget seciton to collect names and emails to grow your list. Showing behind the scene footage, song previews for pre-releases, and press releases keeps fans engaged on the latest information.

Start Close From Home: What better fans are there than your bestest firends and closest family members that love and support you! Send an invite to you Facebook friends to like and follow your page and to subscribe to your email list.

Contests Or Giveaways: Sometimes holding a contest or doing a small token of appreication, thanking your listeners for subscripbing not only drives traffic, but helps you collect the emails you need.

Use An Email Management Service

Looking for a way to save on budget? Here we gathered a list of the five best email marketing services that allows you to send over hundreds of emails per month without having to spend money.

1.) Mailchimp (

Mailchimp is known to be a crowd ranked as the best software leading behind from companies such as Google, Adobe, and Slack. Mailchimp can help about any buisness to succeed on their marketing goals. E.g. Startsups, ecommerce, agencies, web, and mobile apps.

Image: Mailchimp

What's Included?

Mailchimp offers their starter plan at zero cost. Their free plan includes up to 12,000 emails a month, and allows you to send emails up to 2,000 subscribers. If you are looking for something a little more, Mailchimp offers a $10 upgrade for unlimited emails for 50,000 subscribers.

Image: Mailchimp

Why Mailchimp?

Mailchimp has over 100+ email templates that you can choose from, giving you the option to customize and make yourself look like a pro. With an upgrade to a standard plan, you are enabled the option to import your own HTML templates.

Other Enabled Features:

• Create camapigns for email, social media, ads automations, landing pages, and postcards.
• A/B testing and segmentation make your emails more effective.
• Access to reports and analytics.
• Connect with app integrations such as Eventbrite, Shopify, Wordpress, and Surveymonkey.

2.) Omnisend (

Omnisend is a great email marketing service for high growth commerce brands if you are looking to sell products. You're able to send relevent targeted messages to a customers personalivation based on their buying intent from their browsing behavior, interactions with the site, and their attributes. This helps you build an intergrated customer experiance.

Image: Omnisend

What's Included?

Omnisend's free plans is the perfect plan to start off with if you're looking to promote your products with an email marketing service. With $0 per month, you are allowed to send 2,000 emails a day. That's 15,000 emails a month. Omnisend offers a 14 day free trail with no credit card required. 

Image: Omnisend

Why Omnisend?

Omnisend has over 50,000+ customers nationwide. Their email service is trusted and used by companies like Yes Wellness, modkat, Alastin Skincare, and Unilever. If you are unsure what plan to select that best fits your buisness, Omnisend offers a 1- on - 1 demo of featured walkthroughs that can be further requested here.

Other Enabled Features:

• Work with intergrated ecommerce platforms like Shopify, opencart, volusion, Magento, Prestashop, and any other API's.
• Send out automated emails.
• Intergrate with SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp web push notifications, Viber, and many others.
• Sophisticated targeting to creating flexible segments.
• Build your email list through landing pages, popups, and forms.
• Track sales performance.

3.) Sender (

Sender is another great email marketing service for e-commerce sites for those who are looking to promote their products. Sender is perfect for intergrations, segmentations, and designs to create the perfect tamplate. 

Image: Sender

What's Included?

With no credit card required, and the option to cancel at any time, Sender offers a free plan that allowes you to have up to 2,500 subscribers, and the option to send up to 15,000 emails / mo. What's awesome about this? Everything you need to get you started is included at no extra cost. If you are looking for more space to stack up on subscribers and emails, Sender offers adjustable plans to fit in an afforable budget.

Why Sender?

Many popular companies are known to use Sender as their email marketing service, e.g. TedX Gateway, Wolves Summit, FITONOMY, and L'Occitane En Provence. Sender is great for sellers who are looking for an email service that intergrates with popular platforms. If you sign up for their yearly plan, Sender will give you two months free.

Other Enabld Features:

• Subscription forms to collect contacts.
• Web push notifications for instant announcments.
• Mobile responsive templates.
• Unlimited user access per account.
• Happy Birthday and welcoming emails.
• Intergrations including Wordpress, Magento, CLOUDFLARE, Woo Commerce, and PretaShop.

4.) SendinBlue (

SendinBlue is an awesome email marketing service if you are a startup looking to grow your contact list of subscriptions. Being both an adaptable and accessible platform, SendinBlue offers everything for ecommerce, agencies, enterprise, NGO & Public Sectors, and marketers.

Image: SendinBlue

What's Included?

SendinBlue is perfect if you are looking for an email service that offers unlimitated subscriptions, and better yet, getting started with SendinBlue is absolutely free! With a $0 annual payment plan, you are offered up to 300 emails per month.

Image: SendinBlue

Why SendinBlue?

Weather you're looking for a great way to communicate with your fans or customers, personalize your emails, and convert to many different platforms, SendinBlue has you covered with all the features you need to get you started at a professional level.

Other Enabled Features:

• SMS marketing features for urgent messages.
• Chat enabled options to communicate with your customers when they are live on your site.
• CMR to track customers details.
• Automation for your segments for a more targeted audience.
• Landing pages.
• Sign up forms to collect names and emails from your site.
• Facebook ads.
• A/B testing.
• Click-through reports.
• Real time statistics.
• Time optimization to schedule your emails.

5.) Benchmark (

Benchmark helps you spend less time on setting up, and more time to focus on growing your audience.

Image: Benchmark

What's Included?

Their free plan gives you 14,000 emails per month, and allows you to collect up to 2,000 subscribers. Looking for more? Benchmark offers plans that you can pay on an annual and monthly basis. All pro plans include automation pros. Under their pricing tab, Benchmark enabled a feature where you can enter how many subscribers you currently have to help guide you on which selected plan fits best for your buisness.

Image: Benchmark

Why Benchmark?

Benchmark offers you a complete guide on getting you started with email marketing in one week on capturing new leads, insights to abandon cart features, and feedback options from your site users. Benchmark is trusted by top companies such as Office Depot, BBVA, Mariott, Remax, and Audi.

Other Enabled Features:

• Automation triggers to send welcome emails, follow-ups, and confirmations.
• User activity to track subscribers who abandoned their cart.
• Email designer to edit photos, select templates, color customization, and code editor.
• Signup forms to add to your site.
• A/B testing.
• Inbox checker to preview your emails.
• App & Inergrations services with Wordpress, Facebook, Google, tumblr, flickr, zendesk, Shopify, Paypal, zapier, ZOHO, and many more.


How often should I be sending emails to my contacts?

Depending on what you are looking to inform your subscribers on, it's best to send newsletter once a week, or once on a monthly basis. Learning to have restraint on what you send out helps your customers feeling appreicated rather than feeling like they are reciving spam.

Image: Pexel

Remember, the purpose of having a newsletter is to widen your fans reach on promotions, updates, and information to build relationships and starting conversations with your subscribers. Newsletters don't always need to be used for promotional material, but more just a way to provide an insight for your brand or a way to showcase an inside look to your music.