How To Promote Your Music On Youtube


Image: Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

If you're a musician or artist that is looking to get started but don't have a large fan following base, using these helpful tip to get you started will boost your chances to growing your subscribers.

Create Social Channels

When creating a channel, make sure you have a banner that describes you for who you are. Try not to make it too distracting as you want visitors to feel welcomed, yet not distracted of you overdoing it to much with overlays, graphics, etc.

Take Katy Perry's YouTube channel for an example:

Image: YouTube

A calm and clean banner that showcases a photo of her, her artist name, and title of a new song release. You also want to make sure that when you create your YouTube channel, make sure that you have other artist social media pages for your fans to like and follow (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat.) Having an artist page across multiple platforms gives you access to spreading the word quicker.

Stay Organized

If you have a lot of content that you are looking to upload, organize each video into playlists. This helps your visitors easily access videos they came to look for and makes your channel stand out with a professional and clean look.

Image: YouTube

To edit and create playlists, this option can be done when logging onto your account. Go to your account's photo icon that will be shown in the upper right hand corner, and from the drop down menu, you'll want to select "Your Channel."

Image: Merriment Entertainment

Next, select "Customize Channel." From there, you can edit the layout of your YouTube artist channel page.

Image: Merriment Entertainment

Watch this quick tutorial from Creators Tutorials on how you can create and edit YouTube playlists.

Know Your Audience

If you have an artist that influences you, analyze their audience. Here are some key ingredients to ask yourself when it comes to building your audience.

How To Find Your Audience:

• What age group is the range of your listeners? (e.g. 20-50)
• What is the location of where your listeners live?
• What artists do your fans follow?
• What kind of groups or forms have they joined?

Staying up to date with industry news will help you become successful when it comes to target marketing.

Check back soon to read more on Creating A Target Audience For Indie Artists.

Post A Cover Song

It can be hard starting out as an artist on YouTube that the world has never heard. By recording a performance of you playing a cover song, you're tapping into another artists audience that is already popular or at lease well known. Performing another artists song will help you take notice and engage more listeners to clicking and viewing more videos on your channel.

When posting a cover song on YouTube, you always want to note who the song is copyrighted to within the description. Make sure to also list the artists name and song title in your YouTube's video title.

Here's an example of a proper way to naming a video title for a cover song:

Image: YouTube

Here you can see a proper named title started with the name of the song, followed by the artists name.

Share Sneak Peeks

If you are nearing a release of a hot new single, excite your fans with a behind-the-scene look in the making of your song or the stages of your recording process. Releaseing a 30 second video on Facebook, or a 15 second Instagram post builds anticipation. Uploading content regularly can help keep your followers interested on new and upcoming releases.

Image: Pexel -Rahul

Utilize Forms Or Groups

When it comes to marketing your music, search and join social media groups where you would find your followers at. Groups in Facebook are very popular and it can help you access a potential audience from around the globe.

Search the web in forms in the style of music genres, or just even basic music topics. Joining groups on websites such as Reddit lets you freely post (followed by rules) and helps you access a whole new audience that can either up or down vote your post in creating the possible chance of your content going viral.


Investing in your content can bring you a long way. You know those ad's that you can skip at almost every YouTube video that you watch? They are called TrueView In-stream Ads. This comes in handy when you are looking to promote by targeting popular music video channels. Promoting with this type of ad, you'll only have to pay every time someone watches 30 seconds of your ad.

Image: Pexel - Breakingpic

TrueView Video Discovery Ads are the ads that show up on the side bar of recommended YouTube videos to watch next. This type of promotion can bring potential viewers from search results. With Video Discovery, you only pay every time someone clicks on and views your ad.

Using social media platforms, such as Facebook, can also enhance the grow your subscribers. Check back soon to read more on how you can grow your facebook fan base.


Collaborating with other YouTube creators that has already has an established audience can help you tap into their audience. This creates a strategy in getting your name out there and recognized from a widen reach to promoting your brand or name.

Image: Pexel- Startup Stock Photos

Engaging With Your Listeners

Once your audience has been growing, engaging with your followers will make your fans interested in knowing more about you. Some ways to engage a viewers attention is by creating short interviews in between your song release dates by shareing your experience, or doing a shout out to your fans. Followers love it when they can connect with an artist on a personal level.

Image: Pexel - Kaboompics .com

If you are a musician or artist that is looking to get started, we hope these tips can kick start the growth in followers and to promoting your YouTube videos. Remember, reaching goals is a process and not an overnight success. It takes time and dedication before you start seeing results. Don't forget to enjoy the journey along the way. We wish you great success and look forward to seeing your name in the highlights.