TikTok Banning Explicit Lyrics: Reports Of An Error


Image: TikTok

TikTok changes came to both users and major record labels when TikTok quietly banned explicit lyrics. Many songs that featured explicit lyrics were no longer allowed the option to be uploaded, and the songs that already managed to post before the ban came into place, songs were pulled down from the platform.

This made users no longer having the chance to use songs that featured explicit lyrics. Labels drew in concern towards TikTok in the rush to deliver clean version tracks to avoid any further rejection. Even if a featured song on TikTok was 15 seconds in length, and had one curse word in it, videos were automatically flagged to be taken down.

The censorship came into place with TikTok when Senator Marco Rubio requested for the Treasury Department's Committed on Foreign Investment to investigate in the matter of placing a censorship on Bytedance, owner of TikTok. 

American labels were already required to deliver clean tracks by adhering to FCC regulations. Many labels ran into problems causing an uproar of frustration with the new restrictions where it lead TikTok to discovering that the removal of artists songs was an error.

TikTok released a statement acknowledging the changes and and error on explicit lyrics:

“Due to an internal error, we inadvertently restricted explicit tracks from TikTok globally. We immediately noticed the error and began working to roll back the implementation, and while much of the fix was able to take effect right away, we were finally able to notify labels of the full restoration of affected tracks last week. We are proud to support the music community and appreciate the patience and support of our label and artist partners as we worked to resolve this error.”

Any impacted songs that were taken down are now back on the platform, bringing the attention now to focus more of a censorship for minors in avoidance of being exposed to explicit lyrics.