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Weather you're a beginner looking to get started, or a professional looking for an awesome new DJ software, Virtual DJ has been an easy software to learn, delivering great features to up your game. We've personally used Virtual DJ for gigs, and it has taken our work to the next level. This software is an industry leading tech program that gives you everything you need to run a professional gig for broadcasts, weddings, events, mixing, and even video.

Look & Feel

Virtual DJ has a built-in low latency DVS for both relative and smart modes. This software works with any DVS vinyls, ready hardware, and has an auto signal calibration that works with all major brands for a time code signal. This helps with sound cards for audio outputs and inputs, along with controllers. You can even open SDK to easily create own skin for your every own feel and look.

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Hardware Capability

With this software, you are able to plug and plug with any given major DJ gear. Virtual DJ has a mapping interface and midi capabilities for better customization for controller support.

Controllers Compatible For Virtual DJ:

• Pioneer
• Behringer
• Denon
• Numark
• Reloop
• Rane
• Vestax
• Hercules
• American Audio
• Gemini
• Stanton
• Akiyama

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Audio & Video Effects

Standard audio effects are available such as filters, echo, flanger, betgrid, and others. These native effects also available  for the video effects for transitions on slide shows, on screen text, and visualizations. Virtual DJ is capable with other available free plugins for the standard VST, VSTi effects, and open SDK for your own plugins.

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Pads & Samplers

Virtual DJ offers unlimited slots and banks for samplers that can be organized by colors, into groups, and offer multiple playback modes for looping. There are supports for video samples for on screen image display to edit a video in the way you want for transparent support and recorder. Many pads are available to use with Virtual DJ for hot cutes, scratch pads, slicer, loops, and more. Each pad has an editor to customize your very own page for your pads.

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Library & Playlists

Library management offers filter folders, searching, playlists, and virtual folders to organize all of your tracks. This structure gives your an easy access to your hard drives, and folders by allowing you to drag and drop nesting and recordings by grouped folders for purposes and types. Quickly organizing by smart folders, native stock folders and filters are accessible for duplicate songs, featuring songs BPM and key, and gives an easy use for editing.

Playlists are easily organized by a drag and drop support to organize them in any order you'd like. Quickly select any songs for either a wait list for upcoming songs, or automix playback.

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Broadcast or Podcast

Virtual DJ offers a built in radio server for PC-to-PC broadcast, support for standard web radio protocols, and offers the option to do podcasts with iTunes integration. Video broadcasting can be directed to social media platforms, such as Facebook, and even streamed to Twitch and YouTube with video graphics and visualizations.

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Wireless Remote Control

Virtual DJ is compatible with iOS & Android devices for wireless remote control. Note, this feature can also with and without the use of having to connect to the internet. You can connect via bluetooth tethering, wifi, or USB.


Download & Pricing

Virtual DJ is compatible with both Mac and PC at no cost for their stand alone DJ mixer. To download, click here to be directed to Virtual DJ's website.

Looking for more? Virtual DJ offers two monthly subscription options for professionals and business's starting at the price of $19/mo. Subscriptions include the access to online audio, video, and karaoke catalogs. Subscriptions can be purchased by clicking here.

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Virtual DJ has been actively growing for 20+ years, being the most downloaded DJ software ever to this date with over 113+ million in downloads. That's millions of professional DJ's all around the globe. No need to wait for your music dreams, start today and become the professional DJ you've always dreamt to be.