Get A Free Google Home Mini With Spotify Premium


Image: Google

Being a Spotify Premium user doesn't just come with the perks of having an ad free service, Spotify now offers a free Google Home Mini when you sign up for Spotify Premium while supplies last. Snagging this free deal for a $50 product, I'd say it's quite worth it.

In a post, Spotify announced "Spotify Premium users truly get the best Spotify has to offer, with an ad-free music listening experience that allows you to play any song or playlist; enjoy unlimited skips; download content to your heart’s content; and easily toggle between your devices—including your car and your Google Home Mini.

So get grooving by setting Spotify as the default music player on your device. You can just say something like “Hey Google, play Disco Forever playlist” or “Hey Google, play Party in your Living Room playlist on Spotify.”

And it gets better – we’re also looking forward to rolling out new features with Google that make it even easier to discover and listen to Spotify via Google Home Mini and other Assistant powered devices.

With the Spotify Premium Family plan, up to six family members in the same household can enjoy individual Premium accounts with that same on-demand access to hours of content. Plus, we recently introduced some upgrades to the Family Plan, including Parental Controls, Family Mix, and Family Hub.

Through our streaming capabilities and unique partnerships, Spotify Premium offers an unparalleled experience: an entire world of entertainment at an unbeatable price. Our renewed offer with Google Home Mini is another way we’re giving users access to music, anytime, anywhere, now with a better experience in the home through the magic of voice."

Image: Merriment Entertainment

How To Claim Your Free Google Home Mini:

1. Sign up for a Spotify Premium account at

2.  Select which plan you want, either Individual or Family plan. Your Google Home Mini offer will be available if supplies are still in stock.

3. Prior to registering a Spotify Premium account, you will receive an email confirming your Google Home Mini reservation.

4. You will receive another email that will direct you to Google’s online store to claim your Google Home Mini using a code applied.

Users who are on the free account, Premium Student plan, or is currently using their first three month trial from signing up from a premium account are not eligible for a free Google Home Mini. Only plans that are on an individual or family plan can claim this offer.

To learn more about Google's Home Mini and Tech Specs, visit