How To Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel


Image: Google

Have you searched for a song on Googled and saw a panel located on the right side that shows an artist photos, music links, and bio? A Google Knowledge Panel makes you stand out as a professional brand, and having one is almost like having your very own public business card.

Image: Google

Google uses information across the web to collect sources and adds it to a Knowledge Graph. This increase the chance for search engine optimization results of your name showing in search results. 

How Do You Claim Your Google Knowledge Panel?

Getting a Google Knowledge Panel, you will need to get verified. Start by searching your name into Google. Once your artist name appears, you should be able to see the option to "Claim this knowledge panel." You can also be directed to Google's verification site by clicking here.

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You will want to make sure that you have a Google account to go through the steps of verification. When you have been redirected to Google's verification site, click on the ‘Get Verified’ button to continue through the steps.

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Next, you will be instructed to select two options. If you are a manager for an artist, you'll select the first option "I represent another person, organization, or entity (sports team, musical group, film, etc.) that is not myself." But if you are an artist that is looking to claim the knowledge panel yourself, you will select the second option "I am a person with a knowledge panel."

Image: Google

What happens next?

You will be asked simple questions to verify your identity. You will be instructed to provide the share link to the knowledge panel. Google will include an instruction on how you complete this step.

Image: Google

Once you located your knowledge panel on Google, you can obtain the share link by clicking the share icon. A box will appear on the web page listing the share link that you will need to copy.

Image: Google

Continuing on, you will be asked to provide screenshots into 2 or 5 of your different profiles/sites showing that you are the correct owner. You can complete this step by simply logging into your site or social media accounts to take a screenshot, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Image: Google

Lastly, you will be needing either a  drivers license or passport. Google will instruct you to upload a photo of you holding a government approved ID.

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Hit submit and you're done. Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming verified.

Image: Pexel - Bruce Mars

What can you do with a knowledge panel?

Once you are verified by Google and were approved to access your knowledge panel, you are enabled to many options.

Options Include:

• Uploading photos.
• Editing information.
• Adding your site, social media, and streaming links.
• Add a bio.
• Create a post.
• Include your Wikipedia page.

Image: Pixabay

In an article, Google mentions "Knowledge panels are automatically generated, and information that appears in a knowledge panel comes from various sources across the web. In some cases, we may work with data partners who provide authoritative data on specific topics like movies or music, and combine that data with information from other open web sources.

We also know that entities whose information is included in knowledge panels (like prominent individuals or the creators of a television show) are self-authoritative, and we provide ways for these entities to provide direct feedback. Therefore, some of the information displayed may also come from verified entities who have suggested edits to facts on their own knowledge panels.

Images that appear in the knowledge panel can come from several sources. One source is those individuals that have claimed their knowledge panels and selected a featured image from images available on the web. Other images (especially when there is a collection of multiple images) are a preview of Google Images results for the entity and are automatically sourced from across the web.Knowledge panels are updated automatically as information changes on the web, but Google also considers changes in two main ways: directly from the entities depicted in the knowledge panel, and from general user feedback."

If you are artist that is looking to stand out and gain exposure as a professional, take this step to becoming verified to gain access of your knowledge profile. Great job on all of your success! We look forward to seeing your name in the highlights.