The Top 5 Don'ts When Submitting Your Music To Curators


Image: Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Submitting your music to curators is a big part to play when it comes to promoting your music. Getting your music onto playlists can increase your streams and help you gain the exposure you need.

Promoting your music takes time and isn't an over night success. It's a process. That's why we created this helpful guide to help you before you get started on submitting to playlists.

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1. Don't send a whole album, pitch specific songs.

Often there will be rules or small mentions in what a curator is seeking for in their process for accepting submissions. Send ONE song only when pitching to a playlist, unless noted otherwise. If the curator likes your music, but feels like your song didn't fit best for their playlist, most curators will click on your artist profile and listen to your other songs to find the right one that they feel would fit best.

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2. Don't send music off genre or feel of the playlist.

If you're pitching your song to a curator, be specific on what genre and name of the playlist you are submitting for. Do not submit a song for a pop playlist when your song that you are pitching is within the rap, country, or other genres. Submitting a song that doesn't match the playlists genre will automatically be looked over or in some cases even deleted. ALWAYS reference the playlist and listen through it to see what kind of songs are being placed on the playlist.

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3. Stop nagging curators to join their playlist.

Many music curators are flooded with thousands of requests a day. Going through submissions takes time. On occasions, you may not hear from a curator until a month later prior to when you submitted your song. So please, be patient. If a curator is interested in you, they will contact you.

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4. Don't offer money to join a playlist.

Submitting to playlists are absolutely free. If someone is asking you to pay for submissions, it's highly likely that it's a scam. As an artist yourself, do not offer money to a curator to place your song on the top of their playlist. This is unprofessional and an unfair approach to every other indie artist that is looking to gain the same exposure. If a curator likes your musical works, they will add your music to their playlist at no cost.

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5. Don't give up.

Even if you don't get on the playlist you originally pitched for, don't give up! There are hundreds and thousands of playlists across Spotify that may be the one for you. If music is your dream, keep pushing forward and don't stop. "A winner is just a looser who tried one more time." - Moore.

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