Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers


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Creating an audience on Instagram can gain you major brand awareness. Being one of the third most popular social networks, Instagram has nearly over one billion active users to date.

Whether you're looking to find your niche or just grow your audience, we have created a simple guideline in ten steps to get you started in growing your brand name.

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1. Create A Theme

Creating a theme for your Instagram account is one of the very first important steps for you to decide on what kind of content you are looking to produce. This is often one of the many mistakes many creators forget to do and skip over.

Having a feed that has a theme to editing and colors will help determine the engagement of your audience. Having that consistent Instagram feed will most likely entice a user to hit the follow button.

Creating a theme using one or two colors is one of the simplest things a creator can use for their Instagram feed. The key to this is by using the color in your photos, e.g. the color blue. Items that are blue, walls, or even editing contrast, brightness, shadows, etc. to creating that blue look would be the leading feel of your theme.

If you are going for a clean look, a clean Instagram feed can be one of the best options to create. This gives you the option to look simple but enabling your editing options to adjust light and consistent focus with a few colors instead of just one.

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2. Post Consistently

Post consistently on Instagram can double your following growth rate. If you can get into a regular flow of posting Instagram feeds, you'll most likely see an increase in driven results.

If you create posts regularly, increasing fan engagement will enhance the chances of your post's appearance. Consistency should be your main key element to getting your posts seen.

To help you post consistently, use a social media scheduling tool, e.g. Later, it can help you get into the flow of regular posting. Using a scheduling tool makes the process easier when you have the option to schedule posts ahead of time.

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3. Use Instagram Stories

Utilizing Instagram Stories is another great way to engage your followers. More than 400 million people use Instagram Stories a day on an average basis. Using Stories can be effective in increasing your follower count. This is not only a simple way to share with your content, but a way for eager fans to get excited on updates, or showcasing short clips on your current work process.

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4. Search For Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your posts is a very important step to getting your content seen. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, and the hashtags that are seen by your followers, users, and search results lead to an unlimited maximum engagement.

Thinking of hashtags to use on your feeds can be a difficult step before posting your content. Instagram hashtag tool sites like Ingramar, Kicksta, and Influencer Marketing Hub can help you find relevant hashtags for your feed. All Hashtag is also a great site to search for user results on hashtags and their popularity.

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5. Share User Generated Content

With the continuous growth of billions of Instagram users, sharing user-generated content is limitless. Using user-generated content starts by looking at brands that have consistent content, and one that already has a following. Always give credit to the original creator when sharing another user's content. In some cases, you may need to even ask for permission when doing so.

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6. Collaborate

Another great way to grow your followers and extend your Instagram reach is by collaborating. This step can either be accomplished by obtaining sponsorship or partnership. Having a sponsorship enables the option for someone to invest in you and your business.

For example, say you are an artist that recently received a partnership with a well-known drink company brand, and they have an Instagram following of two million followers. That's two million followers you can have the potential reach to.

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7. Know When's A Good Time To Post

There are nearly over 500 million + active users a day on Instagram. Knowing the best time of the day to post is when users are most active. These are the time slots you want to reach when creating content, and posting to Instagram for your potential followers.

To see when your followers are most active, start by opening the Instagram app. Next, tap on your profile photo. Select Instagram Insights, and scroll down to the “Followers” section and select the “See More” option. Last, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see on which day of the week and time your followers are most active.

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8. View Your Analytics

One of the key points to growing your followers is posting content that your followers would engage with. Thanks to Instagram Insights, if you feel stuck in not knowing what your followers like, Insight provides data for you to understand which posts your followers react to the most. Analyzing your results will help you identify what works, and what doesn't.

To access Instagram Insights, begin by opening the Instagram app. Next, tap on your profile photo. Select the Instagram Insights icon bar chart, and scroll down to the “Posts” section, and tap on “See more." Once you're in Instagram Insights to see more, you’ll be able to see your top posts sorted by impressions and change the filters according to what you would like to view.

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9. Engage With Your Fans

When your post has many engagements, your post may be featured in the top posts in the Explore tab or in hashtags. By having your post reach this point, your content has the potential gain to reach many more users on the Instagram app.

Users look for accounts that are active and communicative, meaning a user feels appreciated or wanted when a brand leaves a reply to their comment. Using a little kind gesture, "Thanks for the support!" can go a long way.

Another great way that content users love to create in engaging their fan base is by holding contests and giveaways. Doing this gives you the chance to earning more followers and even helps by expanding your email subscriber list.

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10. Cross Post Social Networks

Using other social media networking sites is a great way to let your followers know you're on Instagram. Thankfully, Instagram has the option to share your posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to make this process easier. Cross-posting can be a good move to gaining extra exposure. Having a brand or artist page across all major social networks enables you to a large reach of audience when it comes to engaging with your followers in every possible way.

Most importantly, have fun! Followers love seeing people they can relate to and engage with. With time, work and effort, there's no doubt we'll be seeing your name in the stars.

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