YouTube Statistics

Image: Pixabay - Tymon Oziemblewski

Last Update: December 2019

Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users:

Two billion active users on a monthly basis.

Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users:

30 million daily active accounts.

YouTube TV Paying Subscribers:

Users have paid over 300,000 in YouTube's subscription service.

Videos Shared to Date:

5+ billion videos have been shared on YouTube to date.

YouTube Creators Content Shared to Date:

Over 50 million YouTube creator content has been shared to date.

Average User View:

The average watch time of a YouTube viewer is 40 minutes.

Videos Watched Per Day:

Nearly 5 billion videos are watched by users a day.

Mobile Views Per Day:

Mobile users have been record to reach a view over 1 billion videos in a day.

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