Sloppy Joe's: Driven To Rock


Image: Sloppy Joe's band members from left to right - Johnny Angel (Bass), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Pätzy Dävey (Drums)

This hard rock power trio brings a jammin' soul to the cutting edge sound in the world of rock. Not only the band's name, Sloppy Joe's, may get you hungry for some sloppy joe sandwiches, but Sloppy Joe's music will literally leave you hungry for more driven, powerful, hard rock.

Sloppy Joe's origin comes from Hamburg, Germany; where band members Johnny Angel (Bass), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Pätzy Dävey (Drums) met and started to begin making music together in 2011.

Image: Sloppy Joe's [Johnny Angel (Bass), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Pätzy Dävey (Drums)] at Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany

When first listening to Sloppy Joe's, it automatically brought me to the thoughts of edge cutting rock music, and influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, and Volbeat. But then it brings me to the next question, how does a band create such a name? Not only everyone loves a good sloppy joe, but this trio's name use is a great tactic that no one will ever forget. Their music leaves you humming and mesmerized.

We luckily were able to ask Jesse Garnon, vocalist and guitarist of Sloppy Joe's, some questions.

How did you decide to use the name Sloppy Joe's for a band name? 

"I was watching the old Orson Welles movie "Citizen Kane." In one scene there is a drunk f***ed up guy in a bar who is giving an interview to the press. He uses "Sloppy Joe's" several times. It was a very impressive and funny scene. That's where I got the connection to the band name. But the name could also refer to the "Sloppy Joe's Burger". A thing that's simply made, but tastes very good - just like great rock music."

Image: Sloppy Joe's band members from left to right - Pätzy Dävey (Drums), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Johnny Angel (Bass)

Jesse Garon is also the creator of Sloppy Joe's biggest hits, such as their latest 2019 hit album release, Devil's Music. When it comes to creating driven rock songs, the process is sweetening to musical ears.

When it comes to the songwriting process, Jesse said, "At first I have a vision of a song with a melody and a catchy guitar riff. Then we meet and put it together as a band. Our musical inspirations are hard rock bands like KISS, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and more. Just bands that can still conquer the world."

What inspired you to make music together? 

"All three members of Sloppy Joe’s played in their own bands of different musical genres. We have roots in rock’n’roll, soul, heavy metal, progressive rock. Sloppy Joe’s started when we (Jesse Garon, Johnny Angel, and Pätzy Dävey) met and realized that we have a common goal of making music. We wanted to be very focused on delivering a big live rock show."

Image: Sloppy Joe's [Johnny Angel (Bass), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Pätzy Dävey (Drums)] at Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany

What would you like your followers to remember you by?

"Nowadays it is very important to support local bands. It's not easy for venues to sell tickets, most of the people are streaming music or watching YouTube clips instead of visiting a live concert. So please keep live rock music alive and get it. It is out there, just in front of you."

Sloppy Joe's has performed over 100 concerts around Europe; doing open-airs, club gigs, and festivals. With such a huge passion for success, there's no doubt in the music industry that any challenges will stop Sloppy Joe's from reaching their goals, and we cannot wait to see what they come out with next.

Image: Sloppy Joe's [Johnny Angel (Bass), Jesse Garon (Vocals/Guitar), Pätzy Dävey (Drums)] at Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany

What has been your biggest challenge? What's your ultimate direction and goals for your band?

"The biggest challenge was the production of our new album "Devil's Music". It took more than a year and was very energy-sapping because we wanted to make the best album so far. It worked. We are very happy with the results. We will go on touring and recording new albums. The roller-coaster has just been getting started. The next show is always the best. That’s our spirit! So please remember our name and support us. We will appreciate it."

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