Native Instruments Offering Free VST Plug-ins


Image: Native Instruments - Sounds Online

You've read that right! Native Instruments is giving away VST plug-ins for FREE at no additional cost. Native Instruments first developed Komplete Start from their inspiration behind KOMPLETE.

With KOMPLETE START, you can download over 2,000 sound. 6GB of this content includes acoustic instruments, synths, pads, percussion, and more.

Image: Native Instruments

Samples, Synths, & Effects

KOMPLETE START offers free tube compressors and other multiple 13 versatile effects. There is a great selection of VST synths that comes with over 500+ presets perfect for any genre when it comes to writing music.

Image: Native Instruments

Native Instruments included 1,500 samples, a sample player that runs all KONTAKT instruments, KOMPLETE KONTROL, and REAKTOR PLAYER.

To get KOMPLETE START, you would first need to create an account and download Native Access. After creating an account and downloading access, you will be able to location all KOMPLETE START contents under the tab, "Not Installed."

Installation Guide provided by Native Instruments

Step One: Create a Native Instruments account using Native Access.

Image: Native Instruments

Step Two: After downloaded access and creating an account, you will be able to install all of the products by clicking "Install All" in the "Not Installed" tab. Note that you might need to hit the refresh button for KOMPLETE START to appear.

Image: Native Instruments

Step Three: Scan all of your sounds by launching KOMPLETE KONTROL. You will need to run it in standalone mode before using it in your DAW.

Image: Native Instruments

If your a Mac user, you're familiar of the constant changes and iOS updates Apple does quarterly to a yearly basis. You will always want to make sure that your computer meets Natives Access system requirements, and to always keep in check when Native Instruments is up to date and compatible with the latest software updates before upgrading.

That's it, you're all set! Now you're ready to make your next biggest hit.

If you haven't done so all ready after reading the installation guide, be sure to head on over to Native Instruments website to download KOMPLETE START today.