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World of Myths by Rebellious Software, is a collectible card game available on PC and Mobile. The game is based on mythologies from the Norse, Japanese, and Greek gods. The game also shows sides to the African and Slavic myths. To play the game, World of Myths is available on Steam, Google Play store, and comes with 8 different Mythologies to choose from.

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Each Mythology has heir own passive abilities. To build your deck, you can choose a leader to guide you. What players will enjoy is how units defend and attack as a group, rather than attacking one another. If you need more health, health runs off of endurance that is represented by the number of battles they were in.

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Game modes can be played in both Living Story Mod, Battle Royale, and even brings the thrilling excitement of Faction Wars. To win the game, you win by destroying all of your opponent’s temples or their leader. Each temple gives different rewards that you can receive if you win the attack for it.

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Interview with Iavor Pachovski

Iavor Pachovski, the music composer for World of Myths, happens to be a huge gamer himself.

When it came to creating the music to World of Myths, Iavor said, "Each mythology in the game had to have some distinctive sound, something you'd associate with that mythology. So, this specific sound differed for each of the different mythologies."

What was your musical vision for the game?

"I wanted to create the music for the game with purely organic elements, nothing hybrid for World of Myths since the game art is giving this organic feel. Adding some old, Renaissance musical instruments was the other thing around, which I created the basis for the music in the game.

I recorded the main portion of the music myself, everything I can play – piano & synthesizers, guitars, tambura, etc. But for a number of tracks in the game, I had a couple of guest musicians: Hristian Georgiev, who recorded some traditional flutes on a couple of tracks, and Azad Agassian, who recorded some shaman-like vocals on the Mesoamerican tracks."

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What was your experience working with the game developers for 'World of Myths'?

"Pretty excellent! The communication with the people from the studio was very easy and smooth, and any time I had a question or needed something from them, they got back to me without delays. The main game developer and founder of the studio, Pavel Kolev, was very supportive all along the way of creating the music for the game."

What inspired you to make music? How long have you been writing music for?

"I've been a self-taught musician and composer for more than 20 years now, but about 3-4 years ago I started working on production music (games, trailers, movies, commercials, etc) and it's been my main occupation ever since. Inspiration for creating music can be found everywhere, best source for me is just sitting in front of a piano, or guitar and just start playing."

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

"I try not to have a specific genre in which I make music. I always try to create the music that would fit best depending where it will be used, supporting the picture, or enhancing the feel of the game, etc."

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What is your songwriting process like?

"I try to think of an idea (melodic or rhythmic), or a sound that would be the best fit for the track I'm making. I usually start to play on some instrument, just to “hear” the idea come together and I start the tweaking from there."

Who are your biggest influences?

"During the years, my influences have changed. As a teenager I was highly impressed by rock/metal bands like Queen, Metallica, and Dream Theater. After that Riverside, etc. Nowadays, I'm most impressed by composers like Thomas Bergersen (the best among the "young" generation), Trent Reznor, Johann Johannsson. I'm also very impressed by the works of people like Bear McCreary and Gareth Coker."

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

"Learning to compose and produce music fast, something that I still work hard to improve."

What is the best advice you’ve been given in your music career?

"Never quit, and do the work!"

What are you goals for your music in the future? Do you have any projects you're working on next?

"Becoming a better composer everyday (hopefully) is the ultimate goal! One of the next projects will be to create the music for a game called Clunky hero, a metroidvania platformer that is still in early stage of development, but already showing great potential."

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World of Myths is compatible on both Microsoft Windows,  and Macintosh operating systems. Pledge your faith in the gods to your favorite Mythology today!

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