AnnA Lux: Captivating Listeners


Image: AnnA Lux

AnnA Lux is no doubt captivating listeners with their singable and catchy melodies. This rock and German pop / rock energy band will leave you memorized. Having played over 50+ gigs in the year of 2018-2019, Anna's breathtaking voice will have you singing along. AnnA Lux band members include Anna (vocals), Rico (Drums), and Lara (Guitar). This trio is making waves in the industry.

Their music includes virtuoso guitars, nifty riffs, and electronic elements inspired by the 80's. We got a chance to ask Anna (Vocals) a couple of questions to what got her started and how she continues to take on the music world with AnnA Lux.

What’s your origin?

"I am actually Swiss. Born by a german mother and Swiss / Italian father feeling like an European citizen of the world."

Image: AnnA Lux

What inspired you to make music? 

"I didn’t have an actual Inspiration behind making music. It was a natural thing to me. My grandfather always sang and played the piano with me, I cannot remember not singing or making rhymes one day in my life."

What is the best advice you’ve been given in your music career?

"This was an advice which I found out before - but many people told me over and over again, "If you can, make as much as possible on your own." And hell yes, it is like that. I write, compose, record, edit my vocals and songs myself, I know about promotion, booking, publishing  and all those things. This industry is a hard one, and If you don’t know much about it, people will not wait to fool you or try so."

Image: AnnA Lux band members from left to right - Rico (Drums), Anna (Vocals), Lara (Guitar)

Who are your biggest influences?

"I actually don’t like this kind of person related influence thing. I get inspired by everything in my (everyday) life so the list would be endless. But if you want one person that inspired me, it would be definitely former Nightwish Singer Tarja Turunen. When I heard this heavy metal music together with her voice, I was blown away and started right away to take classical singing classes. Nowadays, my Inspiration and Coach is my six year old daughter. If she likes a song, it must be good!"

What is your songwriting process like?

"It’s a pingpong game between ideas and inputs. I usually get a song layout from Rico our drummer / producer and my husband, and will start developing the song even further, add lyrics, Instruments etc. which for me is always very exciting. Or it’s the other way. I have an idea and he starts developing…And if I am stuck, I just give it back and he does his magic."

Image: AnnA Lux - Rico (Drums)

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

"Overcoming my fear of not being good enough is totally the hardest one. I question myself over everything, which is sometimes devastating and very hard to overcome. I always fall back into that trap and have to find my way out of it."

What are your future goals in music?

"I want to inspire people to think, to question their lives, choices and sometimes just to have fun. And honestly, I want to fulfill my everlasting hunger to express myself musically. It may sound egoistic, but it’s the truth."

Image: AnnA Lux - Lara (Guitar)

What would you like your followers to remember you by?

"I want to be remembered as the one who always finds the twist to turn it somehow to the good side. I have a black soul for sure, but I do believe in happy endings, or at least endings, that are acceptable and somehow healing - especially if it was not such a happy ending."

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