How To Grow Your Artist Facebook Page


Image: Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Today, Facebook is known to have over 2 billion month to month dynamic users. Facebook is as yet the most significant informal community for some advertisers and entrepreneurs. Building a Facebook page is critical for interfacing with potential clients. To help, here are few hints we've put together to assist you with expanding your fan base on Facebook.

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1.) Invite Your Facebook Friends To Like Your Page

A few people say, "Gracious no one I know is keen on my business" or "those individuals on my Facebook profile will never be my clients". Be that as it may, your Facebook friends can be your greatest team's promoters and a hotspot for referrals.

To do this, you'll access the option button “Invite friends to like this Page” link on the right side of your Page.  From there, a box will appear that shows to who you can invite to like your page. You'll have the option in the search box to easily locate a friend by typing in their name to whom you'd like to invite to like your page. Note that you can only invite people one time and one time only.

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2.) Connect And Share Your Facebook Page In Groups

Joining a Facebook group can be an excellent way to connect to an audience. Many Facebook groups will allow other group members to do self-promotion. Please, always check a groups description and rules of to their do's and don'ts. Most importantly, don’t spam groups when sharing your page link. This will annoy and stray away many people who could've been a potential follower.

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3.) Send A Newsletter To Your Email Subscribers 

If you already had built a list of contacts, or have a current business of customers, this can be done by simply sending a newsletter sharing that you’ve launched a Facebook page. When sharing your post, be sure to include additional information about your services, updates, a focus towards asking your contacts to like your page, and a thank you message for their time.

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4.) Cross-Promote Your Social Media Pages On Other Social Media Sites

Connecting and sharing your Facebook pages across your other profiles on Facebook gives your followers another option and platform to follow you on. For an example, if you have a Twitter page, share where your Twitter followers can follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube channel.

Image: Terje Sollie

5.) Share Your Social Media Pages On Your YouTube Channel

If you have a current YouTube channel for your blog, music, or business, create an end title, and share in the videos description below to where your viewers can like and follow you across social media. Even in the description section of your channel, YouTube gives the option to paste your social media page links. After adding them, they will appear on the bottom right corner of your channels banner.

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6.) Create Great Content

Creating great content across your social media pages starts with creating posts that are engaging to your followers. Engaging posts will often lead users to further commenting, sharing, and liking your posts. The key is to develop your page into building a fanbase that will launch your business by creating content that interests your followers.

Posting photos, videos, blog posts, and press releases are one of the many great ways to engage your following by posting variety of content. Sometimes this can be achieved even just by ending your posts with questions.  Most of all, don't be afraid to get creative! 

Image: Tim Gouw

7.) Hold A Contest

Creating a contest for your fanbase will not only spark a huge interest, but will also help drive in a lot of traffic. Requiring users to like your social media pages to gain extra entries for your contest is a great way to promote your page.

Image: Britta Jackson

8.) Advertise

To promote your page or posts, you can either boost a post or click the blue 'Promote' button that's on the lower left side of your page under the listing of your profiles tabs. Creating an ad with Facebook Ads, you can edit and add interests, demographics, and keywords to give you a potential customer reach. Seeing a potential reach in your results can be very exciting. Take note that your potential customer reach will also depend on how much you're willing to spend for an ad, and how many days you'd like your ad to be viewed and reached daily.

While this process to creating a Facebook page and building a following can be a lot of hard work, they key is to stay motivated and never give up. If you find yourself struggling, be sure to view and track your Facebook page analytics to help guide you on what content your followers engage with the most.

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