DigiTech RP360 XP Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Review


Image: Edward Eyer / DigiTech Logo

The RP360 puts a universe of stunning guitar impacts for you to investigate. Alongside the fantastic choice of impacts, the pedal comes with a looper, 200 presets, a USB port, footswitch modes, earphone jack, and even drum tracks fit for your solo acoustic gigs. Having a USB port is huge and grants us to record our guitar tracks straight into a DAW. The RP360 works with Pro Tools, Ableton, Garageband, Cubase, and many other recording programs for both PC and Mac.

Image: DigiTrech

Look & Feel

In the event that you decide to utilize the RP360 without the Whammy pedal, you can effectively explore through your presets in bank mode, or preset mode. The 3-button footswitch that RP360 comes with can be set-up to expand the control of the locally available looper through your presets and banks. RP360 also comes with Sound Check. This allows you to rapidly record with your guitar and set it to rehash, and will no doubt spare you from having to constantly modifications when performing a live gig.

Image: DigiTech

What's Included

The RP360 XP lets add up to 10 effects that can be also used at the same time, and the option to place them in an orders. It also offers both 99 user factory and user preset memory locations. Other included options come with a 40-second phrase looper, built-in tuner, 60 drums tracks, 74 effects, 54 amp models, and 26 cabinet models. This guitar effect pedal is compact for a tight fit space. DigiTech RP360 XP is definitely worth checking out.

Image: DigiTech


• A/D/A Converter (24-bit high performance audio)
• Sampling Frequency (44.1 kHz)
• DSP SectionAudio (DNA2™ DSP Processor)
• Simultaneous Effects (10)
• Preset Memory (99 User Presets/99 Factory Presets)
• Phrase Looper (40 seconds of record time)
• Drum Machine (60 Patterns)
• USB (Type B, supports USB 1.1 Full Speed.12 Mbps Bandwidth USB 2.0 compatible)
• Left/Right Outputs (1/4˝ Unbalanced)
• Left/Right Output Impedance (500 Ohms per side)
• Maximum Output (+8.5 dBu)
• Headphone Output (1/8˝ Stereo (TRS) – 118 mW per channel @ 50 Ohms Optimized for use with    headphones having an impedance of 60 Ohms or less)
• Dimensions: 11.5” x 8.5” x 2”



Purchasing options for the RP360 XP Guitar Multi-Effect Floor Processor with USB Streaming and Expression Pedal are available at the following websites.

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