Imgur Enables Sound Feature


Image: Oleg Magni / Imgur Logo

Imgur allows users to now upload videos with enabled sound on both iOS and Android devices. 

In a blog post, Imgur announced, "Imgur’s mission is to surface the world’s most entertaining content, and we’re excited to introduce short-form video to our platform. This is a monumental shift for our future, and it furthers our commitment to becoming the world’s greatest community powered entertainment destination."

Image: Imgur

All sound is off by default, therefore, you must enable it if you want the audio to be on. To enable sound on Desktop, you'll see a sound speaker located at the bottom right of the video. Enabling sound on mobile apps, you will find the sound speaker located in the upper right of the video. 

Keep it mind that sound only works per video, so you will need to enable sound for each individual video you watch and want to hear.

Image: Imgur

Imgur continued their post saying, "With this update comes fancy new tools for editing your video. Upload, trim and share videos up to 30 seconds long. You can choose to include, or remove, sound from your post, have multiple videos in one post, or mix with images and GIFs."

Imgur did recently announce that videos are now allowed to be up to 60 seconds long featuring sound on all platforms.

Image: Imgur

To upload a video on the desktop feature, uploading content with sound is an available beta experience. Click "New Post" to upload your video, and next you'll want to select "Yes, keep the audio." to have the sound on your uploaded content.

On iOS and Android, you will be taken to a creation page promoted with the same question whether you want to keep your sound attached to your uploaded video content or not. 

Imgur is free to download on both the Google Play and App Store!