LANDR Online Mastering Review


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LANDR is an online assistance that will master your tracks. Essentially, it looks at your tune's creation style and experts it by referencing their library of music. It will include mastering techniques like compression, and EQ into your given mastered track. This gives the option to many independent artists and indie record labels to access a feature for a mastering and release music option virtually online.

Since starting in the year of 2014, LANDR has reliably assembled instruments that even the odds for artists, consolidating into a self-serve stage that is reasonable and important at each phase of the music creation lifecycle. To date, LANDR has successfully had 12 million tracks mastered, 20,000 monthly releases, and 3 million users worldwide across 160 countries.

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How It Works

LANDR quotes their mastering service is a "Professional audio mastering with instant results. Sound like a pro without paying studio rates or learning complex plug-ins."

They also mentioned the the program is built based off of a revolutionary AI stating, "LANDR offers instant, studio quality mastering, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our mastering algorithm is guided by a team of professional audio engineers. It’s built to analyze and adjust audio on a frame by frame basis."

Image: LANDR

Mastering Process

When you submit your track, your track goes through the process of analyzing, processing (EQ, Compression, Enhancers applied), and rendering that adjusts all parameters. LANDR also has the option to group your tracks and have them masters as an album.

With the advanced and pro plans, you can customize your masters with three unique mastering styles. These styles come in warm, balanced and open. You can even choose the intensity of your track by low, medium, and high.

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What's Included

All plans for mastering also come with the options to use release with LAND's distribution, and what's even better is that you get to keep 100% of your royalties.

Plans include:

• LANDR Distribution
• Instant AI Mastering
• Collaboration Workflow
• Promolink
• Statistics
• Free Educational Content


LANDR offers both a monthly and annual subscription option to their mastering and release services.

Monthly Plan:

Image: LANDR

Yearly Plan:

Image: LANDR


If you aren't too familiar with plug-in's or have an audio engineer to help you out with the mastering process, LANDR is definitely a huge amount of help that can be access from anywhere. If you aren't ready to just yet sign up for one of their plans, and you would first like to try out their mastering service, you can do so for free at no cost with the option to have up to two tracks mastered a month.

To get started, or buy simply hearing LANDR's mastering work example, head on over to for more information.