Can The Coronavirus Make 2020 The Year For The Music Industry?


Image: Pexels - Mike

With the rise of COVID-19, the United States let alone has reached 2.13 million cases in the past few months, and the death toll reaching 117,000. This has no doubt been a scary infection internationally, and has impacted many businesses. Nearly over 20,000 music concerts and festivals have been canceled, and many more artist still continue to delay in their tours until the potential decline in cases, or a vaccine is created to prevent from further spreading the virus. This has resulted the music industry in entertainment and touring a big $286 million hit in loss of revenue.

Billboard has been recently a continuous updated article releasing on canceled events, Here Are All the Major Music Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus (Updating).

A drop in the economy will also impact music subscriptions services such as Deezer (Web Version), Tidal, YouTube Music, and Apple Music. Companies like Spotify, Deezer (Mobile App), Amazon Music (Amazon Prime), and Google Play will be amongst the top streaming services to thrive because users have a plan option to stream music free. With streaming on the rise, this also gives publishers, artists, and record labels the chance of increasing their income from streams. 

Image: Pexels - Magda Ehlers

Many work from home opportunities have also come on the rise, and with every company having to transition to online, more work is being created. This has been giving the potential reach in widening candidates across the nation instead of a just a local reach. This gives others a chance to apply to a job position that many weren't normally able to apply too, nor even had the chance to reaching with the music industry being over saturated. While you may live in another state away from where your dream record label, game, or film production company is located; you can now possibly have the chance to apply and work for these companies as many are having fill work from home remote positions.

Radio stations are also on the rise again, thanks to the COVID-19 and many having stay at home orders; listening to the radio is free. While the broadcasting business has been a rollercoaster in success and downfalls due to digital streaming, the entertainment industry is starting to see an increase once again in a new following.

Due to social distancing and stay at home orders, this has also forced many companies having to close their doors, especially companies that have relied on a financial support to having in store businesses hours. This however could also push in the music industry into an increase by having more competition between services when stay at home orders lift. Having more competition between services results in having more affordable prices. 

While 2020 has been a major downfall for most, for those who are looking to rise, this may now be your chance; 2020 may be your year to succeed. Do you believe the coronavirus can make 2020 the year for the music industry?