The Best Quarantine Songs About COVID-19


Image: Pexels - Markus Spiske

During the time of this pandemic, many artists and musicians have felt the affects of COVID-19 around the globe. Record labels and indie artists have been on the scout to finding ways to work from home by taking to streaming platforms, digital live concerts, delayed song releases, and even had to cancel their tours. While on the hunt to make up for their lost of income, many musicians have hopped on the wagon to create their own inspirational COVID-19 songs about the pandemic. 

Here are out top favorite quarantine songs about the coronavirus:

Coronavirus Rhapsody (based on Bohemian Rhapsody) - Covid19 

Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann 

Frozen- The Corona Version 

COVID Mask (Monster mash) 

COVID-19 Together We Will Rise Up 

In Quarantine - Under The Sea Parody (Songs about Coronavirus)  

Do Re Mi - Covid-19 Version 

Bee Gees Stayin Inside Coronavirus Sing Along Lyrics

Simon & Garfunkel Fight the virus a Parody of Sound of Silence

Dorothy's Song - Covid-19 Version 

Billie Eilish - COVID-19 is the Bad Guy | Cover Song (Coronavirus Version)

My Corona by Chris Mann 

Hey There Corona (Plain White Tees Parody) 

"U CAN'T TOUCH THIS" - COVID 19 Edition - Made Entirely With Healthcare Products

Friends Theme but you're all in Quarantine 

Corona Virus in the style of The Beatles Sing Along Lyrics 

(Covid-19 Wasn't) Born In The U.S.A. (Coronavirus Parody Song) - Bruce Springsteen Cover