Best Music Notation Software

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Music notation software is such an essential tool today, even professional artists are in use to them as many know that the most challenging thing about writing music is writing down the score. With music nation software, you can not only make adjustments, edits, and do a playback, but it's also accessible through using MIDI, which you can connect to your music notation software and record your music straight into the program. We put together a list of our favorite and top music notion programs that come at the starting cost of $0.

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1.) Sibelius

Sibelius is a multi-layered music documentation program with an alluring, simple to-utilize interface. You can enter notes by using a virtual piano or by interfacing a MIDI console to the USB port on your PC. As an AI-based engine, Sibelius uses a realistic musical phrasing during playback. With Cloud Sharing, you can share your scores online and across social media site and enable you selected audience to play and view your songs. Sibelius includes additional music writing software to turn your music compositions into printed sheet music. 


• Sibelius First (Free)

• Sibelius ($12.99/mo, $9.99 1-Year Monthly Subscription, $99 1-Year Annual Subscription, or a $149.00 Perpetual License)

• Sibelius Unlimited ($27.99/mo, $19.99 1-Year Monthly Subscription, $199 1-Year Annual Subscription, or a $599.00 Perpetual License)

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2.) MuseScore

MuseScore is a scorewriter for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Musescore is know to be an industry popular product apart from Sibelius. You can transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI and others. This powerful notion software is easy to use and offers you to input your music notations by using a MIDI keyboard.


• Musescore (Free)

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3.) Notion 6 by PreSonus

As an instrumentalist or music composer, Notion 6 is known to be the easiest-to-use and best-sounding notation software on the market. With Notations playback, you can hear realism with Steinway samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. Other samples include a guitar, bass, and drums. With this, you're able to hear a wide variety of dynamics, performance, and articulations. In the new version of Notation 6, it includes the Notion Harpsichord, Lakeside Pipe Organ, and Olympus Micro Choir. 

You can create a score in Notion for on PC with the operating systems of Mac or Windows, and then continue to work on it on your iOS iPad, or Android tablet. To create your sheet music, start by entering notes using Notion 6’s interactive fretboard, keyboard, or drum pad. 


• Notion 6 Full Software Download ($149.95)

• PreSonus Sphere Membership ($14.95/mo, or $164.95 annual subscription)

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4.) Finale v26

Finale upholds you, making it simple to make whatever music you can envision and to work in the way that best backings your imagination. Finale offers you the opportunity both of what you make and how you make it. Regardless of whether you're envisioning a basic lead sheet for scoring, you appreciate the adaptability to make your music any way you wish. Entering your music in Finale liberates you. In a moment you can move measures, change keys, and change your music in incalculable ways. 

Finale offers editorial input that shows when your notes have been written out of an instrument’s range. You can share files with MusicXML support, and when you’re ready for your final production, you can make bounce your project out as an audio file, or a PDF printed sheet music for your performance piece.


• Finale v26 Full Download ($600)

• Upgrade Previous Version ($149)

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Image: Noteflight

5.) Noteflight

Noteflight offers a professional way to create, edit, and publish your musical arrangements. Noteflight's online software notation editor is easy to use. With Noteflight's Premium plan, you can sell unlimited music scores, record live audio into scores, and even transcribe them by using any MIDI device within the online editor. Powered by ArrangeMe, Noteflight offers the option to let you sell your scores on Noteflight's marketplace. If you love someone else's work, you even have the option to purchase other music scores that allows you to download, print, and play the music files that you've purchased.


• Noteflight Basic: Create up to 10 scores; unlimited purchases (Free)

• Noteflight Premium: Create, sell, and purchase unlimited scores ($7.95/mo, $49 annual subscription, or $299 lifetime)

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Image: Forte Notation Software

6.) Forte Notation

Forte Notation software is great for arranging, transposing, and editing your musical compositions into sheet music. You no longer have to write your scores down by hand, because with Forte Notation, you can scan your printed sheet music into the program from PDF's and by importing you picture files. Forte has made their notation software user friendly, and when you're done editing your score, you can play your piece along with a digital band, or orchestra, using the Bandora software that's provided by Forte Notation.


• Basic Edition: Score for up to four instruments ($24)

• Home Edition: Create scores for piano, guitar, and small ensembles ($99)

• Premium Edition: Create full scores and scan sheet music ($229)

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