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With training and a lot of help from his companions, Jake ultimately began to feel the music and filled in certainty. He started posting melodies on the web and immediately assembled a little fan base. Presently known as a previous honor winning Rapper, Jake Aldridge took the jump of a daily existence time when he gave up Hip-Hop to seek after his freshly discovered love of Country-Pop music. 

One of the primary significant achievements for Jake was when two of his tracks, 'Erotic' and 'Falling' were utilized by PlayBoy TV in 2013. In the wake of searching for better approaches to acquire openness, Jake reached out to Phil Barry. Barry cherished Jake's creativity, and a lot to the shock of Jake and his companions, put the melodies in customary turn on Sky TV's PlayBoy TV Chat channel.

Image: Jake Aldridge

Interview with Jake Aldridge

What is your Origin?

"My father was born and raised in Bangladesh, whilst my Mum is from Canada. I was born here in the
UK, so I like to think I am a special breed. (laughs)"

What inspired you to make music?

"My Father passed away when I was 11. The years after, I was always looking for ways to express
myself and to get my feelings out there. I ended up keeping a diary, which later turned into a book of
poems. From there, it wasn’t long until I began writing songs."

Who are your biggest influences?

"When I first started to write my own songs, I was heavily into rap music and was inspired by the likes
of Tupac Shakur and Dr Dre. Here we are 15 years later, and I am now in love with Pop-Country
music and feel particularly inspired by acts like Dan+Shay, Kane Brown and Florida Georgia Line."

What’s your songwriting process like?

"Painful! Many people don’t know this about me but I’m actually the least musical person in the
world. I’ve always been comfortable with a pen and pad but I couldn’t play an instrument to save my
life. I am fortunate enough to work with talented producers from all over the world who produce
the music for me to write too. 

Since transitioning from Rap music to Pop-Country, I have been working closely with David Booth, a producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist, and mentor, who has very much been babysitting me through my drastic change in genre. These days, we are working to minimal production whilst crafting the song. We will then take what we have to a Pop-Country Producer who will build the full production around the song."

How important has networking been when it comes to working in the music industry?

"I would say it’s been the single most important aspect. I’ve never been in a band so to begin with, it
was literally just me. I had no fans, no producers, no graphics guys, no mixing engineers, no website,
no nothing! Networking was the only way to move forward in music. Otherwise, I’d still be here now
with my pen and pad and nothing but pages full of lyrics."

Image: Jake Aldridge

Looking back to the very first song you've written, and seeing where you are today, what are your thoughts? How much has changed?

"Obviously, an awful lot has changed. But being an Artist, I think we all have these creative frailties
where we are unsure of ourselves and perhaps a little insecure about certain aspects of our work.
That never really leaves us. I would argue that I am more critical of myself now, than I’ve ever been."

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? 

"The fact that I’m just not naturally a musical person. To begin with, I literally couldn’t even nod my
head in time with a drum beat. It was like I couldn’t even hear what was happening. These days, I
find it hard to write as singer, and not as a Rapper. Rhythmically, I am fine but melodically, I
am not fine!"

What is the best advice you have been given in your music career?

"Possibly to just do what I love, to only make music that I enjoy. When you start doing it for everyone
else other than yourself, I think that’s when you’re going to inevitably end up unhappy or unfulfilled."

What are your future goals in music?

"I would like to start releasing songs more regularly, improve my stats, gain more listeners and grow
the playlists that I enjoy creating. I’ve always said I’d also like to get one of my songs placed in a Film.
I think that would be pretty cool!"

What would you like followers, and other potential listeners to remember you by?

"Just for staying true to myself and for pursing my dreams despite the hurdles/barriers I have faced
and still continue to face, along the way."

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