Sony Launching Motion-Sensing Music Effects Controller On Indiegogo


Image: Sony

Sony recently announced a new product launched on Indiegogo for crowdfunding called Motion Sonic. Sony stated in the Motion Sonic campaign that it “effects gear to control sound in sync with your motion for playing music.”

The Motion Sonic gadget itself is a little case that can space into distinctively formed elastic wristbands. There's a band that joins to your wrist for use cases like playing guitar, and another folds over the rear of your hand and is more qualified to play keys. 

What it really does is permit you to connect hand movements to explicit melodic impacts. For instance, you could set it to add a defer impact when you move fingers from left to right or to twist pitch as you roll your wrist. These impacts are completely made and saved money on an iOS application, at that point you need to associate your iPhone to your instrument with a sound interface.

Watch MOTION SONIC Trailer:


Sony has really had this task kicking around for a long time. Soon after, Sony posted this meeting with a fashioner and craftsmanship chief on the venture, who credited the underlying thought. 

Since Motion Sonic is on Indiegogo, Sony will send it to the US. The initial 400 units will sell for $218 USD, and at the retail cost of $248 USD. The item is planned to be sent out in March one year from now in 2022.

Interested in getting your self the Motion Sonic wristband? The product is available at

Watch MOTION SONIC Guitar Demo:

Watch MOTION SONIC Piano Demo:


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