Image: represents considerable authority in proposing music suggestions by the utilization of a free music player module that sends data about the melodies you pay attention to. Just expressed, taps iTunes, Windows Media Player, and other work area and portable applications to realize which melodies you like and recommend related matches.



You can, obviously, pay attention to music on without using the scrobbler by either entering in a pursuit term or visiting the music segment. You can peruse by tag if a melody has one. The Music segment, then again, allows you to view or pay attention to the main 20 artists.


Track the music you stream by interfacing to a music administration or through our web customer, application or program module. View your details continuously, get week after week reports, access your listening history, and significantly more. utilizes your listening history to suggest you new music and occasions. Discover music to cherish on your customized music page, Next 30 playlist or suggested radio. Each melody you've paid attention to, across the board place. Access your whole listening history whenever remember explicit days, see your unequaled details and rediscover failed to remember top choices. 


Mousing over a track uncovers a play button that dispatches a sound stream; clicking a musician's name opens a life story page that uncovers the most well-known tracks, photographs, impending shows, and other music data.

While is great to see data and stream YouTube videos from the site, they still are outpowered by streaming sites such as Spotify. While the name is popular in the music industry realm, many feel as if has some catching up to do.



Pricing allows you to listen to music for free. If you however want to upgrade, offers a subscription plan.

• PRO ($2.50/mo if selected yearly OR $3.00/mo if billed monthly.) Paid subscription plan for yearly currently offers two months free,

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