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Our Mission

Whether you're just looking to discover new music, or you want that extra boost of motivation to your day, you’re in the right place. You being here right now reading this, it tells us that you have many entrepreneurial thoughts, a positive mindset, 
and have goals that you'd like to reach. 

Maybe you're trying to figure things out along the way on your journey.

• You're looking to produce new music and learn how to market it.
• You need help growing your list email list and attract new fans.
• Wishing to gain the opportunity to just be heard.

No matter where you are in your music business, you just want to have a big impact in life and be successful. You want to use your creativity to work towards something that matters.

You’re feel that urge to take the next step, but you just don’t know how and when to make your dream your reality. Being so, you feel stuck with these choices. Today is the day to start NOW. We've been there and know it takes a huge amount of deal to keep up with staying motivated every second of the day. 

Here at Merriment Entertainment, we are a professional video game, film, and music production service. We love to ensure that everyone involved shares a vision for success by sharing stories and experiences with Discover Radar.

Our online publication is a devoted readership for its reliability, precision, and character with regards to the music industry. Read about the latest reviews, artist features, career tips, and discovered artists. We strive to give every musician the chance to be heard, and together as a community, we can make this grow.